Hi everyone! 

Integrative Medicine provides an innovative approach to medicine by integrating conventional western medicine with alternative medical techniques through scientific methods and empirical research. What is SIM? SIM stands for “Students for Integrative Medicine.” Students take the initiative to learn and apply integrative medicine to enhance the health of our community in a wide range of activities. We offer research, community service, and educational opportunities. How do I get involved? 

Join us for our FIRST GENERAL MEETING of the year! 
Date: October 9th When: 5-6 PM Where: Pacific Ballroom A (in the Main Campus Student Center) 

FYI. For those of you who are very gung-ho about IM and would like to take a leadership position/discuss your ideas, please contact me (pschmalb@uci.edu///305-322-9483) 

Best wishes, Priel Schmalbach SIM President 6th year MD/PhD student