Thank you so much to everyone who came out to join us for our 2nd general meeting!  We had the pleasure of meditating for most of our meeting under the guidance of Dr. Rael Cahn, who introduced us to the concept of MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction).  Dr. Cahn helped us achieve a better understanding of the psychological, clinical, and medical applications of meditating.  Those who came also received free boba and fruits as refreshment!  We were so glad to see you all come out, but if you missed the meeting, here is a brief recap:
  • Introduction to Dr. Rael Cahn & his research in MBSR
  • Meditation activity
  • Dr. Cahn's explanation of medication as it is applied not only in spiritual practices, but also in health practices to relax the mind.
  • Q&A from our members about other applications of meditation as well as the importance of practicing it everyday
  • Wrap up with a quick 3 min practice of meditation
  • Upcoming events/opportunities to look forward to with SIM: mentorship program with high school students from Anaheim High School; hospice training this Saturday, Nov 2nd from 8am-12pm; meeting #3 featuring an acupuncturist.
  • Interested in working alongside the board members in planning events & meetings?  Then apply for a board position to get an insider look at what we do & an early opportunity to show off your leadership skills by contributing to our projects!  Attend meetings to sign up for these!

If you have any suggestions as to who you would like to hear from, or what you would like to hear more about in regards to IM, please email any of the board members; we would love to hear your input.
In addition, our next meeting will be during Week 8.  Please check your emails for additional information on location and our next guest speaker! 

SIM (:

Hi everyone!

Please come out and join us at our 2nd general meeting this Wednesday, October 30th from 5-6pm at RH 184.  Our guest speaker is Dr. Rael Cahn, who obtained his PhD in the Department of Neurosciences, and did his MD/PhD training at UCSD.  Dr. Cahn will be giving us an introduction to Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, which will also include a hands-on component!

BOBA and other refreshments will be provided, so we hope to see you all there!

Hi everybody!

Thanks again to all who came out to learn about SIM during our 1st general meeting.  It was great getting to know everyone and seeing you all be interactive during our Speed Dating icebreaker.  If you were unable to make it, here's a brief recap:
  • Introduction to SIM: promotes integration between East & West medicine; members are encouraged to take advantage of the information; community service, education, and research opportunities
  • Purpose of SIM: to take an approach in IM and applying it to community service, research, and education
  • Icebreaker & refreshments
  • Guest speakers at each general meeting
  • Community Service Opportunities: Susan Samueli Center for IM, Miller's Children's Hospital, CHOC, hospice, ... and more!
  • Research: on-campus survey-based studies and UROP, among other opportunities
  • Education: Integrative Medicine Week (January 21-25): promote awareness of IM; held on campus
  • Please feel free to contact board members for any suggestions of what you would like to hear more about
If you didn't make it to our first meeting, come out and join us at our 2nd general meeting on October 30th from 5-6 pm in RH 184.  Check the site regularly for more information, and sign in during meetings so that we can send you more follow-up emails.  

See you all at our next meeting during Week 5!