Hi everybody!

Thanks again to all who came out to learn about SIM during our 1st general meeting.  It was great getting to know everyone and seeing you all be interactive during our Speed Dating icebreaker.  If you were unable to make it, here's a brief recap:
  • Introduction to SIM: promotes integration between East & West medicine; members are encouraged to take advantage of the information; community service, education, and research opportunities
  • Purpose of SIM: to take an approach in IM and applying it to community service, research, and education
  • Icebreaker & refreshments
  • Guest speakers at each general meeting
  • Community Service Opportunities: Susan Samueli Center for IM, Miller's Children's Hospital, CHOC, hospice, ... and more!
  • Research: on-campus survey-based studies and UROP, among other opportunities
  • Education: Integrative Medicine Week (January 21-25): promote awareness of IM; held on campus
  • Please feel free to contact board members for any suggestions of what you would like to hear more about
If you didn't make it to our first meeting, come out and join us at our 2nd general meeting on October 30th from 5-6 pm in RH 184.  Check the site regularly for more information, and sign in during meetings so that we can send you more follow-up emails.  

See you all at our next meeting during Week 5!
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